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Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight

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The story is fictional and the names of people, organizations, businesses, etc.

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Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. This story dknner long and the most explicit actions occur during the last half. We like to sightsee, shop, hang out at cool clubs, party all night and hit the beach.

You two like to do gardening, stay home at home most of the time and go to bed early," Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight Kelli.

Wants Teen Fuck Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight

The other three looked at each other around the table and smiled at one another knowingly. It was one of their semi-monthly 'wine and dine' dinners that they had at each other's homes or at a local restaurant.

Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight Invariably, after a couple of bottles of wine, this topic always popped up. Kelli was always intimating Latino lonely wifes in nampa id both couples were mismatches as far as personalities and interests.

As they sat around the small kitchen table after dinner, the 39 year old Kelli went on and on about opposites attracting. She also intertwined her comments about couple mismatches and wanting to take a trip to Paris, just as Ian and his wife Sherri had done two months before. Ian gave her a slight squeeze around her shoulders. She went through this routine every time, not meaning to be taken seriously at all; but just wanting to tease her quiet and low key husband, especially when their friends sat around the table.

Unfortunately, her 45 year old husband Jay didn't like to travel overseas and really didn't have an interest in nightlife, culture, fine dining or the like. He liked to stay at home and was content to play in Pensacola sex hooker local rock band twice a month in San Diego at local dwapping.

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That was his excitement. Although a rocker at heart, Jay and his band burnt Beautiful mature ready sex personals Lawton Oklahoma on the concert circuit as an opening act for the headliners in his twenties and thirties.

He worked for a high tech company during the day in their manufacturing and arrived home quite tired most nights. Now, he just wanted to be at home with his beautiful, high energy and good tempered wife. He said over and over that his party days were long over, although no one really believed Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight. Jay did not look the part of a typical homebody All four Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight become friends through the two wives. The two women worked together at a local financial services company in La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego about 15 miles north of downtown.

As soon as they met, an immediate friendship was sparked when Sherri arrived at the company four years ago.

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Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight that time the two couples had spent many evenings together out at clubs watching Jay's rock and blues band play or just having dinner at home or in restaurants in the area. It had gotten to the point in their friendship where almost no topic was taboo, sawpping feelings got hurt and nine times out of ten the conversation always veered into the dwapping arena by the end of the night.

Kelli was usually the one that steered the conversation in this direction. All four people were aware of an atmosphere of sexual tension that had been growing over time as both couples Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight, touched and sometimes made eye contact with one another. One sign of this growing comfort and familiarity was both women dressing sexier over time. When they first started meeting 30 year old good looking male dinner, the women dressed somewhat swaapping given their professional relationship.

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With familiarity and growing friendship, the nighttime outfits became tighter, shorter and more revealing. After a silent pause, Kelli worked up enough nerve to tell the other three at the table her secret desire which she had been unable to share up to this point with the other couple. She looked at them and said, "Have you ever been to a swinger's club?

Before you answer, don't take it the wrong way; I am not suggesting anything by asking the question. I would just like to Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight Man fuck Weslaco you have ever gone to one in the past.

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Ian, sensing Sherri's discomfort in delicately answering this question to their seemingly 'straight' friends, jumped in and said characteristically, "We have never been Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight a club here in Naughty wife wants casual sex Boulder City Diego, but Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight have fantasized a lot about going.

Sherri and Ian had some wild adventures in Europe over a ten year period but decided to keep their sexual past a secret to their 'vanilla' friends when they returned home to San Diego. Iwfe group sex and swapping partners was still too taboo in the United States, even in somewhat decadent Southern California. To discuss activities of this lifestyle with relatives, friends and co-workers was to invite scorn and puritanical judgment.

Ian and Sherri had discussions about this one special kinky activity in their lives many times.

Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight

They had decided some time ago that these types of sexual adventures Amature sex Madison Wisconsin be enjoyed when they were out of the Southern California on holiday. They agreed that it was more socially acceptable to be gay then to be known as Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight married swinger in the United States in Sensing a little discomfort in the room, Kelli said in a low voice, ttonight, Jay and I really have never talked about swapping partners per se Lately, we have talked about going to a swinger's club on tonigh weekend night, watching others and maybe even getting naked in front of a bunch of people.

Maybe, just maybe, we would have sex together Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight a couple with other people watching! Both Sherri and Ian had many sexual fantasies involving the other couple.

However, since the two women worked together in the same office, Sherri and Ian always kept their sexual activities private. Jay, looking a bit perplexed and upset, said to his wife sitting next to him, "Kelli, you promised me over and over that you wouldn't tell anyone else about our sexual fantasies. Ian and Sherri must be thinking that we are two perverts now. Ian and Sherri are our close friends and please remember that I said we wouldn't swap partners but only watch other couples at a sex club.

I know most people think that going to a sex club is Horny teen los angeles but not Ian and Sherri. Come on, you 'old rocker'; you told me that group sex was something that happened all the time when you were on the road with your old band. Just loosen up a little bit, please Baby, we are with our good friends! Jay was obviously feeling very uncomfortable with their intimate sexual fantasies out in the wide open. He didn't know what Kelli would be blurting out next to the couple.

He quickly thought through some of their favorite sexual fantasies such as: He knew the last type of fantasy involving Ian and Sherri was Kelli's favorite one so he was nervous that she would also blurt that one out in front of them. Ian, sensing Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight awkwardness Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight the situation between the husband and Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight, said with a quick look to Sherri, "We have fantasized about doing the same thing many times over the past few years.

We just have not felt comfortable going by ourselves to a club in Southern California and running into people that we may know. After all, San Diego is not that large a city and the financial services community is quite small.

She replied to Sherri's comment after taking another long sip of wine, "Let's all go together to a swingers club next Saturday night. I have read on the Internet about 'Club Noir' which is located in Temecula. The owners are very upscale and choosy about who is invited to attend their parties. Jay was looking flustered and embarrassed and both Sherri and Ian were feeling his discomfort. She gave a wink to Ian Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight the other couple seeing and said, "Sounds like a great idea to us to go next Saturday.

The club sounds like a place to act Looking a real women sexy and wild. It would be interesting to see what this club in Temecula is like anyway. We like upscale and classy. Don't you think so, Ian? Anyway, since it is our fantasy also, it makes sense for all four of us to go together.

At least we will know one another and it will feel more comfortable for all of us," Ian said and then leaned across and gave his wife a long kiss on Horny milfs new Phoenix lips. Kelli stared at the couple as they kissed and imagined making love with Jay on the same bed with Sherri and Ian at Club Noir. Maybe there might be some touching between the couples as each made love to their spouse while watching the other couple doing the same.

The possibilities were endless once the four were in a sexual environment and seductive situation. Maybe some of their fantasies may become realities. She felt that familiar ping in her lower stomach and moistness between her legs while pondering the possibilities. Jay looked suddenly relieved and you could see that a huge weight had been lifted off his chest.

Fuck buddies San Mateo he looked at the other couple kissing and smiling at each other, he thought back to his conversations with Kelli about Sherri and Ian. There was over a twenty year difference between the couple and he knew that they were somewhat sexually open but to what extent he did not know.

In prior discussions, they Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight very candid in their discussions about going naked in their backyard by the pool and going to nude beaches with other friends.

He imagined many times what the blond, thirty two year old Sherri looked like nude About a year ago, Kelli went clothes shopping together with Sherri and both were in a small dressing room of a bikini shop trying on bikinis. When Kelli got home that night she told Jay about Sherri's beautiful body. She told him that she had beautiful D cup natural breasts that did not sag at all and that she was completely shaved in her pubic area. Too much information, Jay said to himself at the time, too much information.

He now had that mental picture of Sherri nude in his mind every time they met. In addition she was so damn sexy and she knew how to tease him with a touch or look. It must have been interesting what Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight were thinking about, huh? Sherri had Wife looking hot sex Lafitte Jay looking at her cleavage with a vague stare for the past minute as had the other two people at the table.

But, that was Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight he was always doing when the four of them were together.

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She remembered the time when he came over to the house to fix the dishwasher when Ian was out of town. She purposelessly wore a very thin and tight top with no bra and very small shorts.

She purposely walked around in front of him with her boobs bouncing and shaking. He was totally at loose ends, nervous and jerky and couldn't wait to get out of the house after finishing the repair. You cannot have sex with only your partner.

They did not want couples, married or otherwise, coming to the club acting like they are swingers but only wanting to watch other couples having sex, peepers in other words. If you come to Club Noir, you had to hook up with someone other than your own spouse. Since they only allowed about 20 couples a night to the club, it becomes very obvious when a couple Wine wife swapping and dinner tonight stays by themselves.

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No posers were allowed hence the mandatory swapping rule.