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See the World's Cutest Sea Creatures When it comes to looks, the animal kingdom has some cuties and some not-so cuties.

28 Best let's cuddle images | Cutest animals, Fluffy animals, Cute dogs

So the TechMediaNetwork editorial team decided to take on the challenge of ranking them, after extensive debate, in reverse order of cuteness. Here are the top that made the Cute Animals list.

You may be surprised at which furry creature came in at 1 and which snagged the last spot. Let us know what you think.

Eastern Mole. Red-footed Booby. Argonaut aka Paper Nautilus.

I Am Ready Adult Dating Looking to 420 and cuddle with a cutie

Proboscis Monkey. Snowy Owl Hedwig. Black Rhinoceros. Sumatran Tiger. Rockhopper Penguin. Manatee Our resident manatee expert says: They fart a lot. Don't ask how I know this. American Wolf. Madagascar Lookig Tenrec. Erect-crested Penguin.

Looking to 420 and cuddle with a cutie

Yellow-eyed Penguin. Pygmy Anteater Pygmy things are cuter than regular-size things. This is one of the principles of cuteness theory.

King Penguin. Fiordland Penguin.

African Wild Dog. Macaroni Penguin.

Looking to 420 and cuddle with a cutie

Humboldt Penguin. Magellanic Penguin.

African Blackfoot Penguin. Royal Penguin. Blue Monkey. Emperor Penguin. African Black-footed Cat.

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Black-footed Ferret. Bottlenose Dolphin.

The Cutest Animals

Adelie Penguin. Red Panda aka Firefox. Elderly female blue monkey. With those pudgy cheeks, which spot on the list do you think this gal landed? Red Uakari. Tropical-dwelling box jellyfish have a cube-shaped body, and four different types of special-purpose eyes. The gecko can scamper across sheer cudle, even when those surfaces are vertical walls.

Snowy owls, cuyie Harry Potter's Hedwig, have wingspans of about 5 feet and they are known to swallow prey, such as lemmings, whole. The tawny frogmouth owl Podargus strigoides is found throughout Australia, including Tasmania. The nocturnal bird is known to have a soft, deep call that sounds like "ooom, ooom, ooom.

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The endangered Chinese pangolin Manis pentadactylanative to central and Southeast Asia, is covered with scales made from keratin. This California sea lion and the pup resting beside her Looking to 420 and cuddle with a cutie not related. A new study has documented evidence of adoption among California sea lions for the first time.

When they sense that a predator is sneaking up, the let out a shrill warning call and their bodies jerk forward and up with each bark and whistle. At nighttime they eat their own feces to maximize the nutrients they get from food.

Looking to 420 and cuddle with a cutie

White-tailed jack rabbits are disappearing from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. These furry mammals swim around on their backs and balance snacks on their bellies. Science Newsletter: Most Popular.