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I need too please you

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I am going to the store" or "Will you just go to bed please! If you want to say 'I like to swim' you should use 'to'. I might have to go, or I might have too go?. You need to understand the difference between "to" and "too". "To" is often the first part of an infinitive verb (e.g. "to eat", "to go", etc.); there are. You are not what I thought you were. Hello to high and dry. Convinced me to please you. Made me think that I need this too. I'm trying to let you hear me as I am.

June 20, It is, of course, based on the famous Neil Armstrong quotationwhich has been repeatedly examined on Language Log:. What is curious about this iteration of the Chinese men's room meme is the ingenious English translation:.

Although this is more of a paraphrase than a translation, it gets the idea across quite effectively. What the signmaker has done is to take a clever, preexisting English admonition for examples, see the I need too please you source newd above beneath the picture and match it with a hackneyed Chinese injunction.

The result, at least to me, is both witty and effective, with the Chinese and the English mutually reinforcing each other. The "you pleasr too please" joke is pretty ancient.

Eric Partridge's A Dictionary of Catch Phrases ypu an American correspondent saying it was a common graffito "up to, say, 30 years ago, above the urinals in a men's toilet esp.

June 20, 1: The play on words appears in several editions of Fromkin and Rodman's Introduction to Language in the s. June 20, 2: June 20, 3: Yes, this is an I need too please you joke.

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Seeing it in Beijing in the 21st Century is something I pleasf would have expected — the world has changed a lot in my lifetime. June 20, 4: June 20, 6: June 20, 7: June 21, 1: June 21, 7: June 21, 8: My father, a veteran of WWII, recounted to me that I need too please you sign was in standard use in many military bathrooms during the war.

June 21, June 22, 7: June 23, 9: During an election year while I was in college, someone with a good sense of humor put a "democrat" I need too please you above one urinal and "republican" above the other urinal in a dorm bathroom. Pllease allowed us to "vote" many times a day.

Then someone with an even better sense of humor posted "Independent" on the wall space between the urinals. June 24, 7: RSS feed for comments on this post.

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You aim too please June 20, Source The Chinese says: Apollo Wu] June 20,