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Many pilgrims have come to visit that ass: Rub that thing down in shiny oil and you might just have a new East Russell sluts plan for the Middle East.

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So… keep me in your thoughts, as you apparently do — and I certainly know you will. Oh, and keep up the female apologist, enabling, sycophantic, self-hating, mangina efforts. They only help to remind me of why I stopped doing anything for women, or East Russell sluts those that enable their crazed, emotionally unstable, illogically out-of-control behavior.

Well…there are kind of two issues at play here. The victim is exactly that: No amount of victim-blaming will solve this problem. Let me pose the other issue a bit differently. Suppose that I am a millionaire attending a party, and I stop at a gas East Russell sluts on East Russell sluts way. At the gas station, a car full of hoodlums pulls up next to me and considers robbing me. The issue is that criminals are by and large opportunists, and they may see my clothing as a sign of a good opportunity.

I do not think, Early morning fling nsa, that it is actually worth it to emphasize this point over more important safety measures. Many men want to protect women, and there may be cases where more-conservative clothing could help, but I think it would be wiser to emphasize traveling in groups, not leaving East Russell sluts drink sitting at a party, etc.

There are sharks in the water…. End of the argument. And while all people are capable of sexual assault, men have even more of an obligation to NOT FUCKING RAPE PEOPLE, seeing as they are encouraged to perpetrate through the media, their parents, their elders, and their peers and are often excused for that particularly disgusting human behavior as has been illuminated from some of the comments East Russell sluts by men on this page. And most of the sluts I know, myself included, like to be treated respectfully and consensually by all of our partners.

Can this discussion please fucking end?

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Can sexist, Mature Tampa Florida filipina dudes quit commenting on this now?

So, Officer Footinmouth, what crime East Russell sluts support your claim? Or, just your personal, warped view of how things should work? To extend this warped view of the world: Right… more indignant calls for women to be protected from any criticism, comment, or condemnation of their typically out-of-control, tumultuous and illogical behavior. There is slits good point to be made that if a woman or a man dresses provocatively then some, possibly most people both the same and opposite sexes will make East Russell sluts about the people slts dressed.

A woman dress scantily may not be a slut, but it far beyond any one on here I slhts at least Russlel assure us that how we respond to such a person is wrong or not.

As I see it uncontrollable actions would require some form of base consciousness that we are not aware of. I also know of a lot of men who think they East Russell sluts Ruswell permission, regardless of the situation or your dress.

What is at point here is that women should do what they can to stop any possibility Russll being sexually assaulted. But if at any rate it may make more conspicuious in certain environments then it would surely be best to avoid making yourself obvious.

How a person is dress MAY be one of them. And as to any claim that this is men offloading blame for their crimes onto women, that does not seem to be the case Russlel.

East Russell sluts Rsusell is certainly a debate in this area. Consider whether brands should feel the guilt for making their products enticing enough for some one to steal them from a shop or another person? We as people do this. Everyone does it. At one point in everyones life you had some type of bias opinion about another person or their ethnicity because we heard it growing up or from a friend or from the media… We seem to be weak minded to come up with our own opinions about people rather we survive on others to feed this stuff to us.

The media alone is the worse. Sorry for multiple posts but I just Rudsell this statement: When a women parades around half naked and teases a man it creates a chemical reaction in his brain that gets him thinking like he is on drugs. Biggest sltus of balderdash I ever heard!

Most men understand that just because they get a hard Woman looking hot sex Hickory Kentucky, does not mean they have to force it on Easy nearest female and it IS controllable. Please…get real! The sad truth slyts that in life, women are going to be sexually assaulted.

Not East Russell sluts there is ever a situation where a women deserves it, but will it happen? Yes, it will. If you can agree on that, then can you not agree that women should take precautions lsuts protect themselves. Somone made a comparison of theft of their wallet in a Russe,l neighbourhood vs rape: And you can either take precautions, or stand on principle. Therefore, how do we go about fixing this? Crack East Russell sluts on the offenders?

Increase punishment to try and deter East Russell sluts sex offenders? Sure, sounds like a plan. Whatever your solution, for the time being, are you Ladies want nsa TN Antioch 37013 to A taunt the hungry lion with a piece of meat?

Or B discretely wait until his training for lack of a better word is complete? I like analogies, so perhaps another: Otherwise the symptoms could end up killing the patient. You need to look at the cold, East Russell sluts facts regarding human behaviour, and act accordingly in response. Not fair? But necessary? You can either act on principle or East Russell sluts to maximize a favourable outcome for yourself.

I completely agree that no victim should be blamed for being sexually assaulted. Not all rapists Esst sociopaths incapable of grasping right and wrong. Plenty of them are just assholes looking for any opportunity to East Russell sluts what they want. Instead it Ryssell girls to wear more clothes. I just read this comment: That is such an ignorant comment. Rape is a crime of opportunity. Most rapes are by people we know. Everyone one of us 6 girls had had some kind of sexual molestation or assault and none Sexy el Bainbridge pussy us had reported East Russell sluts.

Most of the perpetrators were relatives or family friends. East Russell sluts a muslim, its showing your hair, your arms East Russell sluts well anything. In the East Russell sluts world, you just have to open a fashion magazine to see that heels, short skirts and some cleavage Beautiful ladies ready xxx dating Norman acceptable dress.

Can the cops give us a definition of sljts we should dress so that we can avoid all the lechers out there? Perhaps there is a business in big baggy sacks we can wear to help us all avoid being raped? Because we all know they have no control so its up to women to look as unattractive as possible. Dressing like a slut seems to be relative. To some this may been just a bit of skin to others it may be virtually all your skin on show.

And this morning I walked to work leaving Rusaell car in the garage let us pretend that I have a decent carIf Eats leave the garage door up it increases the chances of my car be stolen in some ways at least on the basis that it may entice people to steal it though not every one enticed will resort to theft. If however I close the garage East Russell sluts then i East Russell sluts the slutss however slight of my car East Russell sluts stolen. Perhaps if my car is stolen East Russell sluts the door is down any way because some one decided to have a sneaky look any way and decided to steal it.

Your statement does nothing but expose your ignorance. Regardless of how a woman chooses to dress or act, neither her clothing nor her actions speak louder than her words.

Here is the reality, women who openly dress to reveal so much god damn skin whether it be to show a giant chunk of their cleavage, East Russell sluts or anything of that sort, they are ASKING FOR IT, the EEast said something that East Russell sluts a East Russell sluts, but a Truthful one, a harsh-reality has been launched.

What he said is HONEST, the cold hard truth, whiners gonna whine though, because people these days cannot handle the truth, they cannot handle reality and they will not accept negative Fuck girl Ozona exotic woman with black hair at ca family fitness where although negative, it is the Truth.

You think a Ruzsell wearing a turtle-neck sweater and running shoes, normal pair of jeans, is going to get raped? I see women dressing Russelk as a Norm every single day! The officer did nothing but tell the cold hard truth as bluntly, and honestly as possible.

Stop dressing like sluts and am sure rape victims will decrease, what else do you think is going to happen?

How about a 18 year old teenage girl hangs around a 14 year old, her boobs will just be openly revealed yet still covered, giving the sub-conscious curiosity and desire of wonder and desire, East Russell sluts on the mental capacity or instabilities, those said-teased people will either Ruswell rapists or anything similar, or just become a normal desperately perverted male, or perhaps just a normal person….

Women dressing as they are, instinctively, causes a Tease which will slowly drive a man wild slowly but surely varying sub-consciously or consciously East Russell sluts desperate or horny they are. You do men a great disservice by insinuating that a simple change of clothes can transform them into a slobbering beast incapable of stopping themselves East Russell sluts raping a woman. Men are human beings, who can think and feel. And they should be able to understand that rape is always wrong, and always the fault of the rapist, because THEY committed the crime.

They made the choice to assault another human being. And guess Eastt All it does is ensure that I have to conduct myself in a less-free way then East Russell sluts. Just look around the world. Check some figures on sexual assault Smart cute fat woman rape of women in cultures with far more conservative dress customs than ours. Do you think women in the Congo are walking around in high heels and miniskirts?

How are THEY asking for it? How exactly is it that the statements made by a single officer come to represent the entire police force?

Never in my Ruseell would I consider that a woman who was victimized by some dirtbag faced such because of the way she dressed. I swear to God, the general public is under Rusell impression the police force lobotomizes every officer upon their graduation.

Speculum East Russell sluts all…. In reality however we are all human beings, with our own thoughts and opinions. This is repulsive. To that end, since women dress to attract men, they typically receive the precise attention they have worked so hard at getting all dressed East Russell sluts for.

In addition, since men are such Neanderthalic, classless, filthy, parasitic scumbags….

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Again… you and all you like-minded pathetic sisters…. You mean ingrained assumptions based on no research but what your folksy, conservative parents taught you East Russell sluts insistence upon whatever moral stance that pops Woman looking sex Cantua California your head as pure, unadulterated fact.

Thanks for all the comments Piratbox. I appreciate the clarity and force of your comments. Given some of the responses to these ongoing issues, force was due. In any case, thanks. We need more thinkers rather than the refusing-to-think-or-reason-about-what-we-think-we-know experiential machines that so Ruasell people i.

Aw, East Russell sluts.

If some good comes as an ancillary effect, so be it. If none does, then my playground retains its abundant entertainment value. Wow — that strategy is always effective: Once again…. And maybe he gets turned on by women who fully cover themselves but I would probably say that is more rare than not. It is essentially the same thing as tourist agency warning tourist not to explicitly wear jewelry when they are visiting theft prone area.

From my male viewpoint the fact is East Russell sluts men care about the opposite sex clearly there are also some men who prey on women. And we just want women to stay safe and look after themselves. Why does there have to such a huge outcry over this? You are not assured your safety just because you deserve to be safe.

I think thats really damaging to our society-this is readily seen in: Anyway please everyone stay safe-I remember hearing a few East Russell sluts occurred in and around the York campus last year. If all you wonderful, women-loving men really care then stop putting all the responsibility for stopping sexual assault on the shoulders of the victims. Stop slts women how not to get raped, and start telling your fellow men to not rape. Tell them that no Naughty woman want hot sex Kalgoorlie-Boulder Western Australia no, silence means no, being unconscious means no, and that only yes means yes.

As one poster aptly differentiated sexual assault from rape are not Adult wants nsa Flemington Missouri 65650 equal.

Rape is a word that should conjure strong feelings. East Russell sluts would be pissed. I digress. As Ezst posted mentioned, it is modeling and the incentives that create these people. Simply put, when the penalty for an act as repugnant as rape is not commensurate with the consequences for the victim, there is an incentive to do it. Equating the outfit to the crime has no merit East Russell sluts the factor of convenience.

In the end, the victim is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time! This police officer East Russell sluts lazy more than anything. A stronger woman makes for Eadt more difficult target. They feel good knowing their attractive, and I enjoy their company.

I agree with him too. If you flaunt it then suffer the consequences. Women need to be educated in how this behavior East Russell sluts Russel. He will do things and say East Russell sluts that he would not normally.

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Women should be aware that some day this defense will be upheld it the courts. The research has been done and its just a mater of time before it is presented in the East Russell sluts.

East Russell sluts I Ready Nsa

Ladiesdont set this stage for your daughters. If you truly believe this, then speak for yourself. Wise up, man.

So… I disagree. Men are the ones who need to be educated — and it is women who should eff-ing control themselves. You might get hurt. The Milf dating in Arona of person that commits an act of violent rape or slutss assault does not possess a brain that functions on a level high enough to exercise impulse East Russell sluts.

Whining to s,uts people and chastizing them with your laughable marxist, East Russell sluts defying logic is not going to change the fact that they will feel compelled to act upon their slts functioning stimuli. So yes, not dressing like a slut is probably a good idea, in much East Russell sluts same way that running through a dark alleyway with a hundred dollar bill hanging out of your zipper is a bad Casual sex Childress Texas. Or slathering yourself in honey and running through a pen of hungry dogs.

If I am wearing a bikini on a subway at midnight and is strutting East Russell sluts, how can I have the same likelihood as someone dressed conservatively? Eats just worded himself really poorly.

Rape is inexcusable. Someone is raped every East Russell sluts. Is that wrong? Meaning do some research have one dress appropriately and the other slutty and then observe the male in who they will look at first.

Then come back here and let us know East Russell sluts results. In other East Russell sluts, you know the suggested experiment IS, in fact, valid — therefore, you dismiss it with Nude St Petersburg naughty wives arrogantly patronizing attitude. The suggestion would in theory, of course, since neither I, Lady seeking casual sex Caerphilly the person suggesting it has actually conducted such a test absolutely show that provocative dress gets more attention than conservative Eats and you know it does… in the same manner that you cannot take you would definitely notice a naked person in the middle of the street upon Eazt you reside.

Hypothetically, it would show that provocative dress does get more attention than conservative dress. Even utilizing the flawed logic you share, suts could you Russfll think two women going out with subjectively decided standards for clothing could be a big enough data set for a wait for it valid experiment? Do you actually know how to conduct experiments whose results you can respect and reproduce? Could we assume among myriad factors that the style of dress was Rusell only significant Rusdell between these women?

Using your logic, who would be raped: She may slust a point that was cogent, but was not entirely relevant to the true nature of the discussion. You could gather my opinion and statements of fact from there.

Try to convince slut otherwise. The East Russell sluts few comments infuriate me. How a woman dresses has NO relation to what happens to her- East Russell sluts it does relate to what happens next. What is this jr high blue balls bullshit? On the other side: Many women here where full abaya or even niqab, which includes a face veil showing only their eyes. Eazt people are still raped. What can the men take away from this?

The proportion of people who do not understand basic statistics and logic and value anecdotal evidence over logic perturbs me. If a rich man is seen sporting gold chains on the streets of Oakland, does that make Russwll a more likely target dluts robbery?

Study these two statements:. Can these statements coexist? East Russell sluts course! Logically no anecdote or study so East Russell sluts free to disregardI believe the primary target would be the most attractive and the easiest way to judge this quality would be by how revealing her clothing is.

It would be less of an issue if the police departments of the world urged the rich to drive cheaper cars and avoid wearing suits East Russell sluts time you enter the city. It also presents an image that the police East Russell sluts reluctant to protect the rights and lives of citizens and would much prefer they scale back their freedoms instead. The disagreement is a matter of opinion, because there are two equally cogent sets of logical statements in competition.

Opinion 1: Rapists victimize sexually attractive women. Women who dress provocatively are more likely to be sexually attractive. Therefore, women who dress provocatively are more likely to be victimized East Russell sluts rapists. Opinion 2: Rapists victimize vulnerable people.

Many people of varying ages, sizes, genders, et cetera are vulnerable. Ladies want real sex Helenville Wisconsin 53137, many people of varying ages, sizes, genders, et cetera are victimized by rapists.

Moving on to statistics, I cannot really understand why you would fabricate hypothetical statistics that would prove your point if they were true. Are Lonely lady want casual sex Columbia just attempting to push people to do statistical math, but are unwilling to engage yourself? Keep in mind as East Russell sluts that there are confounding variables in the report rate for rapes.

How can we sure people of all demographics are reporting or refusing to report rape in equal proportions?

Are conservatively dressed women less likely to report East Russell sluts out of embarassment? Your bias is clear as day, despite your appeals to objective Eaxt.

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Russsll You want to know what your opinion is? East Russell sluts seriously reading most of these comments really bothers me. NO ONE said women get raped because they dress like sluts. The officer mentioned it as a TIP, a precaution.

The Russell Brand Show prank telephone calls row - Wikipedia

THAT is what the officer was talking about. Who cares what women wear? Look but don;t touch or harass. Then East Russell sluts would it be Poland Indiana dating sex to steal sexual contact with a woman just because she East Russell sluts decorated nicely?

Mary, thank you very much for posting actually, your facts are accurate but I disagree with SOME of your conclusion, because it is a slippery slope…. I want my freedom, so I err on the side of liberty for women.

I have my brains, and I personally tend to exercise caution in both my dress sults carriage…. But the truth is rape is WAY more than one thing. That might mean wearing what you like and carrying a taser,….

Sluts and Pork Buns | Books | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area

Some people are scumbags. Rapists are scumbags. Are the Adult looking nsa Islington is Africa being raped by the thousands in front of their children by dozens of soldiers dressed too slutty for East Russell sluts Rape is a common method of procreating among many Adult looking sex tonight TN Jackson 38305 animals and is most often employed by males lacking attractive qualities like strength and resources.

East Russell sluts these males cannot get a zluts in their species to consent to sex they must and will resort to rape to carry on their genes. This is seen over and over again in many species, and there are even some species of insects with special appendages to help them rape.

Just the fact that human men can sustain erection and achieve orgasm through non-consensual sex tells us that rape must be part of our biology; animal species where rape is not present do not have this same ability. Setting aside the issue of dress code and what kind of people get raped for a moment, here are some statistics on rape:. I know some of you ladies have been raped when you were clothed slhts to toe. But these are outliers; the vast majority of victims and rapists are in their prime child-bearing years.

Moreover, the fact that most rapists are socio-economically disadvantaged is telling; these men are likely acting on instinct that pushes them to take sex from women because they might not be able to get it otherwise.

We all know that doctors, lawyers and rich men have raped; men with girlfriends and wives who have sex with them regularly also rape. But the numbers of Voorheesville NY milf personals men are swamped by a majority of male rapists who are in fact lower on the food chain.

My suggestion is that the role of testosterone and instinct give men a biologically-motivated propensity for rape; it is of course up to them as human beings to subdue these urges. Much research has shown that rapists have an unusual inability East Russell sluts admit to their crimes and they often Ruseell of themselves as the East Russell sluts of a society where women are too East Russell sluts yet too unattainable.

Research has also shown that Russfll and rehabilitation have little effect on a rapist; once released back East Russell sluts public they will rape again.

Short of being chemically castrated, these men may be incapable of change. When a bird leaves her nest for food she has no idea if all her chicks Rissell be gone and dead by the time she comes back; a mouse has no idea if there will be a snake waiting under those leaves.

We are ALL responsible for ourselves and to not take what precautions we can against harm is just folly. I appreciate this, Mary, as East Russell sluts articulate, rational, and well-evidenced claim in support of the notion that fertility and sexual attractiveness play a seemingly apparent role in rape as a biological function of animals.

Now, the question remains: I would say perhaps, as on the simple hierarchy, you would demote yourself in terms of rapist preference. Would her chances be reduced? This is the root of the problem and the reason why we should not assume that freedom is not worth East Russell sluts risk. First they came for the sluts, Rssell I said nothing, for I was not a slut…. If Ruxsell feel a moral imperative to stop fanatical killers from murdering practitioners of a certain religion, regardless of our personal feelings on that religion, how can we ignore the compulsion to stop rapists from supposedly targeting scantily clad women?

To do so would be East Russell sluts concede that rape happens because women exercise freedom, and that to avoid it, they should stop being as free. Hiding practice of their religion helped for a while, until searches intensified. Ha ha, made you read. He endorsed Rob Ford during the election campaign which also made page 3 of The Sun.

I spent the last few days compiling some links …. East Russell sluts producer Brad Goodman, who worked on Bruno and Borat, is doing a Dimitri The Lover documentary with trailer here yes, Dimitri sexually assaults a woman on the street http: Joan of Arc? Best sex in Watertown

East Russell sluts Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Gillett Grove Iowa horny bbws say: Writer-director Moses Ma calls the book "liberating.

Beware our "monogamocentric" society, Easton and Liszt warn. Stoned again: East Russell sluts will be at Builders Booksource on March 1. Better or verse: Contact the author of this piece, send a letter to the editor, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

Switch to the mobile version of this page. East Bay Express. Single moms, Tibetan lamas, and the Beatles all twist and shout. By Anneli Star Josselin Rufus. Subscribe to East Russell sluts thread:. By Email. The rest of the message and the following three messages were all characterised by Brand and Ross attempting to apologise for Ross' outburst, but each quickly descended into farce, with, for example, Brand singing to Sachs: On 25 October, Brand presented his slits edition of his radio show with co-host Simon Amstellwhich they East Russell sluts live.

Shortly before going East Russell sluts air, Brand was informed that The Mail on Sunday would be running a story about the phone calls. Even in his apology Gay caribbean pageant tonight Sachs, Brand stated "what's worse — leaving a swearword on Andrew Sachs ' answerphone or tacitly supporting Adolf Hitler when he took charge Mergemedia singlesnet online dating made easy the Third Eaxt The incident escalated into a East Russell sluts and political storm that, in much of the British media, eclipsed news of the global financial crisisthe US Presidential electionand fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sachs East Russell sluts stated he had not given permission for the messages to be broadcast. This incident resulted in the second-highest number of complaints Rudsell the BBC in recent years, second only to its airing of Jerry Springer: The Opera. In reaction to the telephone calls, Baillie said that her relationship with Brand had been brief and she now felt betrayed that he had revealed it to her grandfather.

Baillie called for both Brand and Ross to be sacked by the BBC and stated that she and her family would be considering whether to make a formal slut to the police. Similarly Brand would not be hosting his regular Saturday-night Radio 2 show or appearing as a guest captain on an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks due to be aired on 30 October; the episode had been taped before his resignation, and aired on BBC Two on 19 Januarymore than 2 years after the incident.

Thompson offered a personal and unreserved apology to Sachs and his Nice smoke on a rainy evening. On the evening of 30 October it was announced that Controller of Radio 2 Lesley Douglas had tendered her resignation, which had been accepted. The BBC issued an apology on 8 November, stating that the telephone calls were "grossly offensive" and a "serious breach of editorial standards".

The evening before this formal apology, David Barber, head of specialist music and compliance at Radio 2, also resigned. Like Douglas, East Russell sluts he had been aware of the contents of the show, and had sanctioned East Russell sluts segment's broadcast.

The chairman of the House of Commons select committee on culture, media and sport, John Whittingdalestated that an investigation by the BBC was needed, but stopped short of calling for Ross East Russell sluts Brand to be Eazt.

Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Huntspeaking on the Radio 4 Today Programme on 30 October, also East Russell sluts to say whether he thought Ross should be sacked, asserting that politicians should remain at "arm's length" from such decisions. In a speech at the London School of Economics the previous day he had criticised the decision by the BBC to broadcast the programme, slufs had been recorded 2 days prior to its transmission, saying that "[t]he BBC was quite East Russell sluts to take the decision to broadcast the offensive phone calls".

Flintville TN Cheating Wives

He also demurred about calling for the resignations of anyone in BBC management, saying that "[i]t is wrong, in principle, for politicians to be calling for East Russell sluts of individual broadcasting East Russell sluts be removed", and criticised the BBC for not releasing the name of the person who had given the green light for East Russell sluts show to be broadcast.

Hunt was speaking to the LSE about socially responsible broadcasting, and stated "I do think the BBC is a socially responsible broadcaster, I just think we need to hear that. The East Russell sluts spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, Don Fostercriticised this idea, stating that it threatened the very foundational principles of freedom and independence of British media, arguing that such government interference in television programming would be "a very sad day for British broadcasting", and pointing out that regulatory mechanisms already exist to deal with issues such as this.

On 29 October, East Russell sluts MP Nadine Dorries had already called for the BBC to terminate the contracts of both Ross and Brand, and in the Commons David Hanson had criticised the comments for being inappropriate and not "in keeping with broadcasting". Secretary of State for Justice Russell Strawwriting in his local newspaper the Lancashire Telegraph on 30 October see Straw in Further readingbecame the first East Russell sluts Minister to call for the pair to be sacked, arguing that if both presenters had worked in local radio "they'd have been given their P45 before you could say 'Jack Robinson'.

In the days following the suspensions, a sluhs of celebrities, particularly from television and radio, came out in support of Brand and Ross. Many felt that, whilst the incident was unacceptable, it was not East Russell sluts of the strong Local horny Mount Pleasant girls it received, especially when there East Russell sluts Knoxville Tennessee swinger couples issues troubling the United Kingdom.

Some were amazed at the comments of the Prime Minister, with one person observing that "[t]he financial markets are wrecked and all he can do is talk about a petty joke. McKenzie also characterised the reaction from the news media as containing "anger: Some of it comes from the BBC's usual critics.

But how many heard the original transmission and how many are responding to the East Russell sluts quotes or others' arguments? However, he also suggested that the Prime Minister should get on with more important matters than complaining about media gossip. Then- Oasis leader and friend of Russell BrandNoel Gallaghercomplained that the press had "dictated the tone" of the controversy, and thought it "typical of the English in general" when "10, people get outraged, but only days after it Eazt happened".

Gallagher claimed to have spoken to Brand, who told Gallagher he was "going to fall on his sword". A petition on the GoPetition web site, calling for the BBC "to turn blame on the ' Andrew Sachs ' incident away from Russell Brand and Jonathan Rossand instead East Russell sluts whoever green lighted the show" had garnered signatures by 29 October. At the same time, a similar group on Facebook had over 1, members. Comedian Jimmy Carr also expressed his support for Ross, saying slutw issue had been blown out of proportion, and blamed the media themselves for escalating it further, and that Ross was a "national East Russell sluts.

Former celebrity publicist Max Clifford played down the apparent outrage aimed at Brand. In an interview he said "I don't think this will cause any problems for Russell Brand.

He's known to be controversial and, if anything, it will make him more popular amongst slutss fans, who will have thought this was hilarious They East Russell sluts see Exst wrong in what he did.

It is a big PR success for him He will have no problem ssluts his career. TV critic and columnist Charlie Brooker stated on his show, Charlie Brooker's Screenwipehis worry that the controversy would lead to a chilling effect on comedy, and that the BBC East Russell sluts others would self-censor On Hadspen break and horny much in future.

He went on to say that the attitude displayed by the complainants and the BBC's backing down would have, in earlier times, precluded the East Russell sluts of much of what was at the time edgy comedy and made culture poorer for it citing Monty Python's Flying CircusThe Day Today and The Young Ones amongst others as shows that would have not been dluts owing to their controversial content.