Glasgow project sees significant improvements in patient aftercare

More people than ever before are surviving cancer, but at the same time incidence of cancer is increasing. By 2030, the number of people living with cancer in Scotland is expected to rise from 220,000 to 360,000. As a result, health services need to consider how care and support is delivered after treatment is complete…

What next for the Cancer Experience Panel?

It is important for all members of the Cancer Experience Panel (CEP) and other active patient/user groups to understand how vital their role has become in producing better services.

Transforming care for young people with cancer

ReACT (Reintegration After Cancer Treatment) focuses on supporting Scottish teenagers and young adults (TYA), aged between 16-25 years, who have recently completed cancer treatment for the first time.

Transforming Care After Treatment poster presentation

June 2016 saw five of Macmillan’s Transforming Care After Treatment projects take part in an NHS poster presentation to highlight the work they do to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer in Scotland.