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One thing to look out for: He notes that could indicate an overactive bladder.

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The good news? That can be cleared up by doing kegel exercises or asking your doctor about a diet change or even medication. You'll def need to visit a doc for this, too, and could need antibiotics to treat the problem.

You should also see your doc if your frequency has changedsee blood in your urinefeel the need to push when you pee, leak in between urination, or have to pee several two to three times a night, Pramudji says. Oh, and for those of you who Ladies looking hot sex Whitmire South Carolina hold in Any girls have to pee pee—just stop it.

Basically, holding in your pee regularly like making it a habit over many weeks or months can actually can overstretch your bladder muscle, making it so you can no longer empty all the way, Etingin says.

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If your peeing frequency is off and you're seriously Any girls have to pee, it's time to see your doctor or urologist who can check to see what's going on, Bellows says. The bottom line: There's no set number of times per day you should or shouldn't be going to the restroom—but if something suddenly changes in your schedule, it's best to get it checked out by a doctor. Type keyword s to search.

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You only need to pee after sex if you have a vagina. the urethra, the vagina, and the rectum are all in close proximity to each other so there is. Peeing in a bottle might come naturally to guys, but don't worry—women can do it is biodegradable), you can give any number of reusable devices like these a. That sense of immediacy you feel is unfounded, so unless you really have to pee, there's no need to force yourself—squeezing out a drop or.

More From Self Care. Decoding Your Vaginal Discharge.

Leana Wen: Are Female Doctors Better? You can even buy special plastic bags that will turn your urine into an odorless, biodegradable gel.

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If you want to spend a little extra money, one-time-use "unfold, go, and throw" devices like Stand Up and SaniGirl can be used as funnels to direct your stream into a bottle. Their soft rubber means they won't take up all that much space in a backpack, either. Any girls have to pee

Practice Any girls have to pee home to get a feel for what you're comfortable with. Of course, dropping your pants to pee once you're in the wild might also be an obstacle. If neither you nor your tent mate is shy, go for it.

When faced with an appallingly dirty toilet, a squat toilet, or no toilet at all, women However, it is possible for women to urinate standing up if people if they are transgendered, but they can work well for cis girls as well!. So there you have it: it's probably just pee after all! sexual stimulation, some women report the discharge of a noticeable amount of fluid from. Everyone pees multiple times each day—but how often is too often (or not often enough)? Here's what you need to know about peeing all the.

It works in a tent, too, as long as there's room to turn your Ang and squat. Also, at least one urine director— the Lady J —comes with an optional jug for holding urine.

We prefer to make existing items multi-task, but if you're worried about peeing in a tent, having this purpose-built interface makes it easy to get a clean catch every time. Last but not least:

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