How we help people with cancer come to terms with their new self

Cancer and its treatment often affects the way a person looks and how they think and feel about their body.

Weight, speech, scarring, hair loss; the changes that a person can go through can have a big impact on their body image and confidence. And whilst some people are able to accept the changes that happen, others feel they are no longer the person they used to be, or worry about relationships, or going out.

We set up our Wig and Beauty service in Paisley last year as a way of helping people come to terms with their new self.

We had heard reports of cancer patients who had decided to get a wig but had a bad experience and ended up with a badly fitting wig which didn’t suit them. And we realised that people affected by cancer in the area had no support on their doorstep when it came to getting help with coping with hair loss or the changes in their appearance.

We partnered with Boots No7 beauticians and hairdressing salon Kaoss to help people look good and feel good about themselves at a vulnerable time in their lives.

Since its launch last August, the service has had amazing feedback from all of its clients as people see it as an afternoon of pampering with friends or family members.

Clients have a chat with our specially trained hairdresser about what they are looking for and are given a free wig which is shaped and styled to suit their look. A Boots No7 beautician is also on hand for makeup and general pampering and everyone gets given a free goody bag.

Often, people’s first question when they are told they have cancer is, ‘Will I lose my hair?’ and it’s extremely rewarding to see people leave the salon so completely transformed from how they came in.

For many, looking good means feeling good and it’s extremely rewarding to see our Wig and Beauty service give people back that sense of feeling more like themselves.

Macmillan’s Wig and Beauty Service in Paisley is open between 1pm – 4pm on the third Sunday of every month.

For more information or to book an appointment call 07736 275 824

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By Anna Nugent