“Getting a wig was an important part of my cancer treatment”

Irene Ballantyne from Barrhead was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015. She had to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and doctors told her that after her first chemo treatment, she would lose all her hair.

Irene was issued a prescription for a wig by her breast cancer nurse. She said that after her first chemo session she was sitting at home with a friend and realised that her hair was coming out in clumps.

“That afternoon we went to the shops and when I came home my jacket was full of hair so I decided that I was just going to shave it off and be done with it. I took my husband’s shaver and shaved it all off myself, which, in a way, made me take control of my illness.”

A Macmillan nurse gave Irene the number for the Macmillan Wig Bank in Paisley. She phoned and got an appointment straight away.

Irene says: “On the day I went, it was a lovely day. They gave us tea and coffee and biscuits and there was also a No 7 Beautician there who did a makeover which was very nice and relaxing.

“I feel like they really took care to try and fit me with a wig that suited you, cut it, trimmed it and made you feel really good.

“It was really an important part of my treatment to me as I could never ever visualise myself going out wearing a scarf or with no hair at all, so it was an answer to my prayers really.

“The minute I put it on in the morning, I just feel so different and so much better.”