Day in the life of a Macmillan fundraiser

Jayne Forbes is a Macmillan Senior Fundraising Manager for Edinburgh. She is responsible for overseeing fundraising activities in city and is one of a network of Regional Fundraisers throughout the UK. These fundraisers are responsible for maintaining and developing support to ensure Macmillan has the funds in place to provide their vital services.

You can follow her on twitter: @MacmillanEdin


As a fundraising manager, I help provide support to anyone who is wanting to raise funds in the area and no two days are ever the same. I love the fact my job is really varied and finds me working with a whole range of people across the capital.

9am: My first task of the day is  to work through my inbox – dealing with any outstanding emails or actions from the previous day. I may also need some time to prepare for the meetings I have in the day ahead.

10am: Meet with Edinburgh Leisure to discuss their fundraising plan for the year ahead. Edinburgh Leisure are one of our corporate supporters and encourage their staff and members to support our work through fundraising and volunteering.

They also deliver our Move More project locally which encourages people with cancer to be more active – as research has shown that gentle exercise can help cancer patients manage some of the side effects of their treatment, including stress, depression and cancer related fatigue. In our meeting, we discuss the different types of fundraising activities their sites could get involved in. We also talk about promotion around the Edinburgh Marathon Festival.

11.30: After my meeting ends, I make my way to Forbes Nursery, to collect a cheque raised by the children and staff . They raised more than £1,000 through fundraising activities to support Macmillan, after one of the nursery practitioners was diagnosed with cancer and accessed Macmillan’s support through our Information Centre at the Western General hospital.

12.30: Get bus back to the Edinburgh office and grab a quick bite to eat before sitting down with one of our fundraising volunteers. They are currently putting together fundraising letters for golf and bowling clubs in the area to see if they are able to support the Edinburgh Campaign.

The Edinburgh Campaign highlights that we are embarking on a £1 million programme of improvements in Edinburgh to help meet the needs of the growing number of people affected by cancer.These include our Move More project, our Vocational Rehab service and a new Information and Support project, which will be set up in libraries throughout the city. We are asking local people to help fund these services so we can ensure no one in Edinburgh faces cancer alone.

3pm: Desk time, where I prepare for tomorrow’s meeting. I write a press release for the local media highlighting the fantastic fundraising efforts of a corporate partnership. I also make fundraising stewardship calls.

These calls find me ringing up people signed up to take on big challenge events  and thanking them for the support they have shown to Macmillan. We couldn’t provide our vital services without the people who support us and it is important for them to know how much we appreciate their fundraising efforts.

Evening: I meet with the Edinburgh Art show committee to discuss this year’s Edinburgh Art Show which will take place on 25th to 28th August in Bonhams. These passionate volunteers stage this event every year. They generally display over 200 works and look to sell them, with at least 50% of the sale price going to us.

To find out more how you could make a real difference to people living with cancer, visit our fundraising page, for fundraising ideas and inspiration. Or contact 0300 1000 200