The life long consequences of Alan’s cancer treatment

Businessman Alan Clarke says his life will never be normal again after being diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2008.

The former advertising executive underwent a 12-hour operation to remove the cancer as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Alan says the long term impacts of the illness and treatment have been huge, but that he wasn’t offered any help to cope.

The dad-of-two said: “It’s only once treatment finishes and one is back living a ‘normal’ life that just how not normal things will ever be again strikes home.

“My treatment lasted six months and during this time the NHS was fabulous.  However, the consequences of that treatment will be with me for the next 40-years.

“It has impacted on my work as I could no longer do my old job. It impacted on me emotionally, leaving me dealing with many mental gremlins.

“It also impacted on my everyday communication as the chemo affected my hearing, and the surgery and radiotherapy affected my speech.

“Cancer, and the treatment can have life long, life changing implications and people need to be offered help to deal with them.”

Email your election candidates for the Scottish Parliament vote on May 5 and ask them that if they get into power, they’ll make sure every cancer patient is offered a full assessment of all their needs and directed to the right support services.