How cancer affects your finances

Cancer can have a hugely negative impact on someone’s finances. Often they are forced to give up work while facing increased costs like travel to hospital.

Many patients will never have claimed benefits before and trying to navigate the system and fill in long complex forms while dealing with the physical and emotional problems cancer brings can be very difficult.

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Our benefits services are offered in partnership with local authorities and Citizens Advice Bureaus. The Scottish Government fund the operation of the Macmillan services within the five cancer centres across Scotland.

215. MCS Scottish election - infographics - Twitter-01Despite the support services out there though, some people are still slipping through the cracks and are missing out on benefits they desperately need simply because they don’t know help is available.

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The cancer plan published by the Scottish Government in March 2016 promises every cancer patient will be offered a holistic needs assessment, which includes an assessment of their financial needs.

This is great news, however we want every political party in Scotland pledge that if they get into power after the May elections they will follow through on this promise as a matter of urgency.

Email your election candidates for the Scottish Parliament vote on May 5 and ask them that if they get into power, they’ll make sure every cancer patient is offered a full assessment of all their needs and directed to the right support services.